"The Disaffected Xennial: Vapid & Self-important Rock"
Another Homemade Mixtape

Pompous, sassy, misogynistic, superficial and self-aggrandizing hair metal, glam metal and nonsense rock’n’roll of the 80’s.

The kind of music that makes you envision leather pants that are so tight that they reveal the dietary choices of their wearer. It conjures the disinfecting alcohol odour of aerosol hair spray. And your thoughts are consumed about the how-to’s of a eyeliner application. How many bandana’s are too many bandana’s? Why rip your denim there?

Well, put on this mix, open that Tupperware full of Hollywood Snow and dive in, nose first!

“Reckless Life (Live)” Guns N’ Roses
“Animal (F**k Like a Beast)” W.A.S.P.
“For the Love of Money” Bulletboys
“Smokin’ in the Boys Room” Mötley Crüe
“Talk Dirty to Me” Poison
“Hot for Teacher” Van Halen
“Girlschool” Britny Fox
“Bathroom Wall” Faster Pussycat
“Sex Action” L.A. Guns
“Rock Me” Great White
“Round and Round” Ratt
“Rock & Roll (Is Gonna Set the Night On Fire)” Pretty Boy Floyd
“You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” Judas Priest
“Dream Warriors” Dokken
“We Rock” Dio
“Run to the Hills” Iron Maiden
“Metal Queen” Lee Aaron
“Shot In the Dark” Ozzy Osbourne
“Heaven’s On Fire” Kiss
“Poison” Alice Cooper
“Soul Asylum” The Cult
“18 and Life” Skid Row
“Nobody’s Fool” Cinderella
“Alone” Heart
“Home Sweet Home” Mötley Crüe
“Every Rose Has Its Thorn” Poison
“To Be With You” Mr. Big
“Edie (Ciao Baby)” The Cult
“Blaze of Glory” Bon Jovi
“Here I Go Again ’87” Whitesnake
“Love Bites” Def Leppard
“Fantasy” Aldo Nova
“This Corrosion (2018 Remastered Version)” The Sisters of Mercy
“To Be a Lover” Billy Idol
“Epic” Faith No More
“Get Down, Make Love” Queen
“Touch Me (I Want Your Body)” Samantha Fox
“Rag Doll” Aerosmith
“Smooth Up In Ya” Bulletboys
“Rock You Like a Hurricane (Live)” Scorpions
“Gimme All Your Lovin'” ZZ Top
“Cherry Pie” Warrant
“New Girl Now” Honeymoon Suite
“Rock You (Remastered)” Helix
“Turn Me Loose” Loverboy
“The Heat Is On” Glenn Frey
“Run to You” Bryan Adams
“Runaway” Bon Jovi
“Animal” Def Leppard