"Wealth inequality is much worse than Canadians think it is and a far cry from what they think it should be."


“In support of our mission to champion progressive change, the Broadbent Institute publishes original research and promotes new ideas, policies, and tools.”

The Wealth Gap
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Stephen Harper's CRA
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Saluting Rights & Democracy
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Stand up for Progress (Oshawa)
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y = why, purpose, cause, mission, opportunity, ideas, innovation, stories, influence, constituents, votes, activation, inspiration, encouragement, culture, resolve, ability, determination, strength, character, belief, unity, audacity, equity, fairness
is the root,
the variable at the source,
it lives in the places where our stories are born.
is the root,
the variable at the source that fuel a drive to inspire.
is the root,
the variable at source of our need to grow the hope to affect positive change.
I am brd(y),
a function of the variable,
serving to connect.