V (Five)
Rock, paper, cynical.

There’s nothing left to measure you, all the tape is been spent, all the units are gone.
The bondage that wraps you to others has eroded, sentiment has depleted.

First Scenario; a man stands in front a DJ, telling him that his beats are so well preserved, his beats are so legacy that his Nanna pickled them in mason jars.

Second scenario; a seemingly delusional man claiming he is the future all-knowing, all-seeing God King ruler is out canvassing the neighbourhood on this fine day. He’s just stopped by to secure your support in his ascension to reign over all life on this plane of existence, you know during the violent purging of our weak and impure, when these endtimes come.

V (Five)
Collected compositions by Benjamin Dickerson, from January 2017 to December 2018.

Written, produced and performed by Benjamin Dickerson.