Four out of five Dentists all agree.
Fig. I

Fig. I.

Are you or someone you are currently smushing with looking for a soundtrack to accompany your smush experiments?

4 of 5 Dentists all agree, this is the mix tape best suited for a cleansing smush.

Fig. I

Track List

1. INTRODUCTION – brd(y)

2. “Go (feat. Blood Diamonds)” Grimes

3. “Medusa” GEMS

4. “Battles” Emika

5. “All we’ll ever know” Parallels

6. “Avarice” Throwing Snow

7. “Pays to know” MyPet

8. “Deceive (featuring Sune Rose Wagner)” Trentemøller

9. “StartOver” The Golden Filter

10. “Hand To Phone (Cordless Mix)” ADULT.

11. “So Far Away (John Lord Fonda)” Vitalic

12. INTERMISSION – brd(y)

13. “Pursuit” Gesaffelstein

14. Move My Body (2 Many DJ’s mix)” Tiga

15. “Morning of the Hunt” MSTRKRFT

16. ”In Decay” Phèdre

17. “Feather” Little Dragon

18. “(Far From) Home (The Speed Of Sexor Reprise)” Tiga

19. “Curse the night” The Raveonettes

20. “Special Cases (featuring Sinéad O’Connor)” Massive Attack

21. “Black Hole Sun” Nouela

22. “When you’re Strange” Rasputina

23. “Horse and I” Bat For Lashes

24. “Ceremony (featuring Ida No)” Chromatics

25. “Not in Love (featuring Robert Smith)” Crystal Castles

26. “Gravity’s Rainbow (Soulwax Mix)” Klaxons

27. “Make me a Bird” Elektrik People

y = why, purpose, cause, mission, opportunity, ideas, innovation, stories, influence, constituents, votes, activation, inspiration, encouragement, culture, resolve, ability, determination, strength, character, belief, unity, audacity, equity, fairness
is the root,
the variable at the source,
it lives in the places where our stories are born.
is the root,
the variable at the source that fuel a drive to inspire.
is the root,
the variable at source of our need to grow the hope to affect positive change.
I am brd(y),
a function of the variable,
serving to connect.