Fig. VI

Fig. VI.

This is the first step you will take in outwardly acknowledging your surrender. Your unwavering surrender to sweeping bangs or feathered hair. Your total acceptance of blazers with the sleeves drawn up to the elbows over pastel shirts. Perhaps your newly obedient to safety pins folding boot cut black jeans into a subtle wrap around your ankles.

Regardless, you’ve come here to shake your ass and give yourself over to these sexy 80’s jams.

Give up, because surrender is your only hope.

This is a new mixed tape full of New Wave gems ordered up & special made for you and yours.

Fig. VI
Give up, because surrender is your only hope.

1. Introduction – Clip from Manhunter

2. “The Light” Love & Rockets

3. “Emma” The Sisters of Mercy

4. “Life on the Line” Fad Gadget

5. “Marianne” The Human League

6. “I Want to Know (Pure Energy)” Information Society

7. “Mad World” Tears for Fears

8. “True Faith” New Order

9. “Never Let Me Down Again” Depeche Mode

10. “Nova Heart” The Spoons

11. “Lips Like Sugar” Echo & The Bunnymen

12. “Love My Way” The Psychedelic Furs

13. “Close to Me” The Cure

14. “Talking Loud and Clear” O. M. D.

15. “Credit in the Straight World” Young Marble Giants

16. “The Order of Death” Public Image Ltd.

17. Interlude – “Time to die” Monologue from Blade Runner

18. “Shadowplay” Joy Division

19. “Love is the Drug” Roxy Music

20. New Gold Dream (81, 82, 83, 84)” Simple Minds

21. “The Frog and the Princess” Grace Jones

22. “Atmosphere” Joy Division