Fig. V

Fig. V.

Damnit, been working on a mix like this in various iterations for a while and each time I kept waffling about which songs, movies and so on should appear. Then I changed the scope a little and tried to focus more on the composers, with some focus still being on selections and movies, but not as much… Balance was found and brain struck a deal with my heart.

Here’s some great cinematic jams.

Fig. V
Cinematic interest perpetuates musical interests.


Introduction: “That’s a phone” by Peter Cook
1. Cho Young Wook “구슬이야기”
2. Hans Zimmer “Discombobulate”
3. Yan Tiersen “La Valse D’amélie” (Version Orchestre)
4. Philip Glass “Meeting in the Carriage”
Interlude: “We have in the Studio tonight…” by Dudley Moore
5. Felix Da Housecat “Money, Success, Fame & Glamour” (feat. Macauley Culkin)
6. The Dust Brothers “This is Your Life” (Feat. Brad Pitt)
7. Franka Potente “Believe”
8. Cliff Martinex “Neon Demon”
9. Paul Leonard-Morgan “She’s a Pass”
10. The Chemical Brothers “The Devil is in the Beats”
11. Daft Punk “End of Line”
12. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross “John Carpenter’s Halloween”
13. Shane Carruth “As if It Would Have a Universal and Memorable Ending”
14. Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch “Blade Runner”
15. Jonny Greenwood “Convergence”
16. Carter Burwell “Funny Farm”
17. Trent Reznor “Driver Down”
18. Billy Corgan “Spider”
19. Robert Rodriguez “Grindhouse”
20. Nick Cave & Ellie Warren The Rider #1
Interlude: “Your Mother and I were having a chat…” by Peter Cook
21. Daft Punk “The Son of Flynn”
22. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross “Sugar Storm”
23. Shane Carruth “The Rays Which Stream Through the Shutter Will Be No Longer Remembered When the Shutter Is Wholly Removed”
24. UNKLE “Cut Me Loose” (String Reprise)
25. Hans Zimmer “No Time for Caution”
26. Jonny Greenwood “Prospectors Arrive”
27. Thom Yorke “The Hooks”
28. Nick Cave & Ellie Warren “The Proposition #1”
29. Clint Mansell “Finish It”
30. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross “Further Along”
31. Hans Zimmer “Time”
32. Cho Young Wook “The Last Waltz”