Canada's New Democrats
Montréal 2013

« Bon ecouter, on va gagner un
gouvernement majoritaire en 2015. »

- Alain Giguère (former MP)

The 2013 NDP Policy Convention was held in Montréal. A showcase about the NDP’s history and growth was structured about the party’s successes in Québec. Five videos were made outlining the NDP’s history in the province. And of course one Rump Shakin’ Room Boomin’ Intro piece that ran each morning of the Convention, just to let people know… “Everything was about to get really real.”

"Welcome to Montréal 2013"
Direction, editing and animation.

The process for this piece was similar to the Leadership 2012 promo video. Implementing more audio-reactive elements, lighting flares and this time waveforms. Modifying stock footage of Montréal with the Convention colour palette into varied shots edited into a short “sizzle” piece.

« "Convictions + leadership : 2015 »
Direction, videography, editing and animation.

The 2015 piece was a forward look at the hard work and inspiration needed to be successful in the future election campaign. Featuring sitting MP’s, luminaries and senior staff speaking unapologetically about what it will take to fulfill the party’s goal in forming the next Government of Canada

I’m mostly enamoured with this piece because I was able to use a dubstep piece for the score.

« Convictions + leadership : histoire »
Direction, videography, editing and animation.
« Convictions + leadership : 2011 »
Direction, videography, editing and animation.

I love making the history pieces. Both this and the 50th anniversary pieces from the NDP’s 2011 Convention in Vancouver showcase and this were beautiful learning experiences. A couple of my favourite pieces of work from my time working with the party.

2011 is a year that will history will recall as one of the most turbulent in Canadian political history. For New Democrats across the country, our historic rise was met with an unfathomable loss. The only thing that we were all faced with was to put ourselves back together as quickly as we could to face the challenges that were in front of us.

« 2013 »
Direction, videography, editing and animation.
« 2003 - 2010 »
Direction, videography, editing and animation.

For the NDP’s 2013 Montréal policy convention, this piece was intended as a present day look at the Party’s Québec MP’s, two years after the 2011 Election.

This piece covers the election of Jack Layton as NDP leader and his immediate effort to build a grassroots base for the party in Québec. Reaching out to luminaries to draft and develop Québec centric policies and attracting new high-profile candidates to run for the NDP.