“Imagine an Ontario with better health care, where hydro bills are lower, medications are affordable, everyone can get dental care, and seniors can live in dignity.”

- Andrea Horwath

Ontario's New Democrats

"Inspired Choice" (0:30 Election Ad)
Direction, videography, editing and animation.
Additional videography by: Leslieville Productions.
2011 Ontario Election

Above are the two edits of the ONDP’s 2011 Election End Game Ads. I was fortunate enough to have worked on the Comms team for that campaign, making a few videos, radio ads and a Slide deck for Election Night. The campaign was a lot of fun and was Andrea’s first as leader of the ONDP. We had a great time that was able to work reflexively as new needs arose.

2014 Policy Convention

Below is the work I was able to do for the ONDP’s 2014 Policy Convention at Toronto’s MTCC. I got to make videos and the slide deck for the weekend, adapting the pre-existing program and site design and activate it into the overall look and feel of the slides.

Convention 2014: Welcome to Toronto
Video: direction, photography, editing and animation.
Convention 2014: Donor PAC Video One
Direction, editing and animation.
Convention 2014: Donor PAC Video Two
Direction, editing and animation.

2013 By Elections & 2014 Election

Here are the By Election Campaign and 2014 General Election ads I got to make for the party. Now, I know they may not be popular, or liked. However, I like making “attack” ads. And my thoughts on them are that good “attack” ads, leverage truth and are not hyperbolic or defaming their subject.

"Penalty Box" – Election Ad
Direction, editing and animation.
"Liberal Waste" – PSA
Direction, editing and animation.
"A Two-Way Race" – Kitchener-Waterloo
Direction, editing and animation.
Get out the Vote – PSA
Direction, editing and animation.