"When we start university, we’re told we’re all the same, we’re all equal and have equal opportunity, and that’s not the case. There are a lot of barriers. And most people have a form of privilege."

- Paige Galette

Paige was featured in this piece by Macleans, and needed a portrait for the article. So, we shot these portraits of her and delivered them to the magazine.

Here’s what they did to their selection of our photos…

“What university was like for these 25 year olds”
by Zoe McKnight and Zane Schwartz.

It was a little disappointing to see that they close-cropped the photo and re-graded the colour. Especially, because it meant the editor, the writers, the production artist, the designer or whomever, didn’t understand the intent of the photo or their subject.

The intent with the photos we shot were to bring the character Paige to life in their article. Paige, is the kind of person that change the mood of a room with a smile. She’s an optimistic, honest and caring hurricane of human.

Photography & Art direction

These photos were an attempt to portray her through a pulp cinema kind of lens. So that’s literally how I shot the pieces, using a C-Mount to Micro 4/3’rds Adapter and 16mm film lenses. Specifically, Angénieux lenses, using them to exploit vignetting and the mild barrel distortion created around the focal point. The retrofocus makes a kind-of spectral highlight in centre frame, like a region of hyper-focus. While everything around the edges skews out of focus more. The effect being a throwback, or retro pastiche pulp film look and feel, but shot in RAW digital format. Editing in digital allows you the latitude to pull back or dive further into the exploits of the Angénieux retrofocus 16mm cinematic look & feel. I drove the images just a little further with my treatments. I love the results and am really proud of these photos.

It’s really quite easy to photograph a great person though <3

I’ve also arranged the photos to into a frame by frame reaction sequence 🙂

y = why, purpose, cause, mission, opportunity, ideas, innovation, stories, influence, constituents, votes, activation, inspiration, encouragement, culture, resolve, ability, determination, strength, character, belief, unity, audacity, equity, fairness
is the root,
the variable at the source,
it lives in the places where our stories are born.
is the root,
the variable at the source that fuel a drive to inspire.
is the root,
the variable at source of our need to grow the hope to affect positive change.
I am brd(y),
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