“ Fairness is the flame that burns bright in our movement.

Fairness can only be won when we stand together.”

What is Professionals Canada?

It will be a labour organization, set up as a separate entity from PIPSC. It will be a community for non-unionized professionals.

A place to connect, share resources and find the power to stand up together.  It will be a community where professionals pool their resources and address their common challenges: lack of benefits; lack of advice; lack of a voice to advocate on their behalf to employers and governments.  All under a community, like PIPSC, powered by members who stand up for each other.

Professionals Canada will be a separate entity from PIPSC, and as such its members will not be involved in the affairs of the Institute. The organization will be governed by a board of directors made up of representatives from the Institute Board, as well as expert advisors from sectors most aligned with the work of non-union professionals in the private sector.

What are some of the benefits for PIPSC?

The Institute will have a new member base in a rapidly growing sector. Its influence will be enhanced.

If the AGM approves the establishment of Professionals Canada, the target launch date would be February 2020 – the 100thanniversary of PIPSC.

An animated explainer introducing a really cool idea by The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, one the country’s oldest unions. This was a particularly fun piece to develop, because I got to script it, cast it, edit, mix and animate it. Adding some much needed fun the aesthetics and storytelling.

The explainer piece was separated from the introduction segment that was originally scripted to contextualize labours history of redefining the roles of workers and representation. Which is of course the purpose of the “Professionals Canada” project, the contemporary re-contextualization of representation. An essential evolution in organizational capacity to meet the realities, barriers and financial challenges current day non-union professionals face.

Since it was made for the 2018 PIPSC AGM, I got to make the video three times over… Once in English, French and a Bilingual version.

"Professionals Canada" (English)
Direction, Editing and Motion GFX
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"Professionals Canada" (Bilingual)
Direction, Editing and Motion GFX
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"Professionals Canada" (Français)
Direction, Editing and Motion GFX
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