“Why don’t they quit
once the so-called harassment starts?"
(About victims of sexual harassment)
- Ron Paul
Ron Paul's Big Idea's for Canadians

This project was fun, arduous to put together at times, but fun to make regardless.

Ultimately it was a pretty revealing exercise, there were a number of responses both online and by Pundits in the media from self-professed “Progressives” defending Ron Paul. Completely ignoring the racism, homophobia, sexism and etc.

My opinion… It’s a mistake to confuse consistency on some relatable issues with overall competency or principles.

"Ron Paul's Big Idea's for Canada"
Creative direction, editing and animation.
Character illustrations by Cheryl Voisine.
« Les grandes idées de Ron Paul pour les Candiens »
Character illustrations by Cheryl Voisine.
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the variable at the source,
it lives in the places where our stories are born.
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the variable at the source that fuel a drive to inspire.
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the variable at source of our need to grow the hope to affect positive change.
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